Founded in 2015, KRPT was born out of the desire to help brands tap into culture and genuinely support creative scenes more effectively.

We were witnessing increased disassociation between young people and advertising and knew we could find a way to bridge that gap, a way to connect brands and their audiences. By being more authentic, transparent and having purpose at the heart of campaigns we pride ourselves in continually disrupting the advertising and marketing industry.

With the pace, change and ever growing subsections of the digital landscape brands risk getting lost within it, disconnected from their audience. Through our global network of creative leaders we are able move at the speed of culture, helping your brand to tap into the latest global and local trends and ensuring it doesn’t get left behind.

KRPT are here to futureproof your brand and ensure you are well equipped to grow and stay relevant. Brands that understand their audience and can adapt to trends will last longer. And our specialised, global team is designed to deliver just that.