Content & Influencers with TUI Travel

TUI Travel manage a number of student brands however their team hadn't adapted quick enough to working with influencers and creating scalable content strategies that could be used on all platforms throughout the year. 



We developed a year-long content calendar and toolkit approach that would let their team take advantage of key cultural moments easily whilst also creating a framework to ensure they could scale this approach in the future.



Using a mix of data-driven approaches and our cultural network, we identified a number of leading youth influencers that we're ready to work with TUI. These included youth olympic medalists all the way to DJ's and content creators. 


scalable experiences

We designed a range of scalable activations that we're tested at universities before being rolled out in key resorts. Our work resulted in the most watched content and highest engagement the brands had seen in their history.



Most engaging content strategy the sub-brands had ever launched

Influencers continued working with brand after we setup toolkits and brokered relationships

Increase in customer satisfaction due to experiential strategies that enhanced resort activities

Launching a new music event in the most legendary club in Ibiza



Last year we helped launch Onyx from scratch, a new techno event that was going to be hosted at the most legendary club in the world, Space Ibiza. We helped develop the branding and created over 100 unique assets that were shared by artists and media.


We launched Onyx with a mysterious teaser that was posted on the Mixmag social pages and website. It included a custom soundtrack that drove mass engagement as fans we're intrigued to know more about what the new concept was about.



We booked over 30 of the biggest artists in the world using a mix of expert knowledge and data-driven insight. Our work also included collaborating with one of the best production companies in Ibiza to develop a unique series of shows that involved projection mapping, futuristic dancers and special VIP treatment for our exclusive audience.

marketing & experiential

To promote the event, we partnered with Mixmag and also created a series of experiential activations that pushed boundaries in electronic music. Rather that focussing on traditional posters, we launched a giant music device at a select number of festivals where the audience was highly targeted. It gave fans a chance to experience what "live techno" was really about and get an insight into why Onyx was going to be one of the best parties in Ibiza.



Launching Rebel Yell Bourbon through music

The Challenge

Launch a traditional American bourbon brand in the UK and reposition their image to engage different UK audiences.

The Solution

Create a strategy around "Band of Rebels" that would champion different music scenes around the UK. We would identify the most talented artists from local scenes and host exclusive events at quirky new venues.

The Results

- Sold out first event with top tier talent 

- Venues chose to stock the drink based on our event strategy

Our partnership involved Prez T, 67, Poet, Vujanic and Tizzy & Brands; all considered to be some of the most engaging influencers in UK music.

Our partnership involved Prez T, 67, Poet, Vujanic and Tizzy & Brands; all considered to be some of the most engaging influencers in UK music.

Publisher & Influencer Partnerships with TuneMoji

TuneMoji is a unique new app that allows fans a chance to share licensed music content through a number of associated platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook.

The Challenge

Engage a young generation of fans in the UK that are more passionate about grime music than traditional american pop.


The Solution

Create a partnership with the most popular urban publisher in the UK and connect with 5 leading grime stars with a combined reach of over 1 million fans.



TuneMoji x GRM Daily

We created a partnership between a new app called TuneMoji and leading Urban brand (GRM Daily). The project involved setting up numerous influencer collaborations with some of the biggest stars in grime and youth culture


TUI Travel Influencers

Creating an influencer network, developing and capturing scalable content with Olympic level snowboarders


Skute Influencer Network

We developed and tested an influencer strategy with a unique new platform called Skute that allows users to create their own private networks


The Complex

An immersive installation that can be scaled around the world, teaching users about music and science

Loud Futures

Loud Futures is an ethical music project we created at KRPT. We setup music studios in youth centres, bringing in leading musicians to teach production and business.

Ada Kaleh FB EVENT COVER.png

An Evening with Ada Kaleh

We recently produced an intimate party with exclusive custom live visuals for Ada Kaleh and R&S Records


Rebel Yell Bourbon

Our work with Rebel Yell involved setting up a number of events and partnerships with some of the most exciting artists in the UK.


Lacoste Insight

We connected with 10 leading young creators to curate a series of research videos for Lacoste