Streetwear is a style of street fashion rooted in Californian surf and skate culture. It has grown to encompass elements of hip hop fashionJapanese street fashion, and modern haute couture fashion.

Its a massive £47bn industry – one that depends heavily on how brands like Vans and Stussy link themselves to specific subcultures. 


Welcome to the world of the “hypebeast”, the nickname given to the consumers hungry for whatever hyped streetwear is released in a given week. Palace (founded in London in 2009) and its Soho neighbour Supreme (founded in New York in 1994), are the two kings of streetwear, and the pavements outside both stores are frequently the site of queues, when a “drop” of new clothes comes in store.

The hypebeast space has its own websites (the appropriately named Hypebeast as well as Highsnobiety) Facebook groups (the Basement with 65,000 members, Sup Talk with 97,000) and the associated “faces” that also make up the world of streetwear. 



Instagram isn't just about pictures of food. Search certain hashtags -- #yeezysforsale, for example -- and you'll find countless images of the most in-demand streetwear. Behind those photos are resellers who have turned the social network into a platform for buying, selling and trading items. This is where those coveted Yeezy sneakers end up for resale, often in the thousands of dollars. The same goes for limited-edition Air Jordans or clothing from Supreme, a New York City-based brand that's taking a particular section of the fashion world by storm.

For some product resellers, Instagram has completely replaced eBay as their main storefront on the internet. The e-commerce site was once the preferred method to showcase and sell items, but it's becoming an afterthought due to the processing fees its users are charged. 


Influencers & Streetwear: Insights

Iconic Celebrities by Followers:

1. Rihanna — 55 million
2. Drake — 37.5 million
3. Pharrell — 9.9 million
4. A$AP Rocky — 6.5 million
5. Travis Scott — 5.4 million

Highest Engagement Rates

1. Playboi Carti – 17.39%
2. Luka Sabbat – 7.79%
3. Tyler, the Creator – 6.63%
4. Matthew Henson – 6.50%
5. Emily Oberg – 6.49%

Fastest Growing Accounts

1. Heron Preston – 4.11%
2. Matthew Williams – 1.85%
3. Luka Sabbat – 1.45%
4. Travis Scott – 1.43%
5. Virgil Abloh – 1.43%


Accounts you should be following

Leo Mandella: @gullyguyleo

Basement Approved: @basementapproved

Luka Sabbat: @lukasabbat

Blondey McCoy: @blondeymccoy

Mister Mort: @mistermort

Ronnie Fieg: @ronniefieg

Lucien Clarke: @darkclarke87

Tom Emmerson: @tom.emmerson

Too Hot Limited: @toohotlimited

Ian Connor: @ianconnorsrevenge