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The Regional Electronic Music Scene Indicator (REMSI) is a quarterly KRPT updated data-set based on analysing over 129 countries, 300k+ artists and 200k+ venues to identify trends in electronic music.

This database allows us to identify key changes in the electronic music industry and give unparalleled insight into the scenes that are growing and the artists and sub-genres that are leading the charge.

identify insights/trends

  • Explore interesting insights based on the global electronic music scene.
  • Predict which regions present the most exciting opportunities and which artists/labels are worth connecting with.


search for relevant collaborators

  • Pick the most relevant artists, events, festivals and venues based on data


We capture and track a range of datapoints


Number of artists

Number of clubs

Number of labels

Number of venues

Population Size

% of Population Aged 0-14s

% of Population 15-24s 

Youth Unemployment Rate

GDP Per Capita


Catchup with leading influencers across the globe to identify the challenges and opportunities that exist. 

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