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When used properly, music can be a powerful marketing tool, especially for retailers looking to attract a fashion-conscious millennial audience.

It can be used to drive traffic to physical stores as well as online and also create memorable moments that consumers will associate with the brand.

A recent study from Nielsen looked at effectiveness of more than 600 television advertisements, more than 500 of which included music. The research indicated that commercials with some form of music performed better across four key metrics—creativity, empathy, emotive power, and information power—than those that didn’t.

Music marketing is becoming a driving force in the fashion economy. This is because music and fashion are both artistic and aesthetically pleasing, and intertwining both in a live experience or digital world creates the most powerful emotional response from consumers.

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Join H&M and M.I.A. for a celebration of sustainable style, culminating in World Recycle Week from 18-24 April. 


Global Swedish fashion giant H&M fully embraces music and has run several music related campaigns, including a number of associations with both artists and festivals.

Evolving the Fashion Catalogue

H&M has successfully brought the fashion catalogue into the modern world in a campaign it ran in Asia last year, where users in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and mainland China were able to enjoy mixing their passion for fashion with music. H&M’s Fashion Mixer is an online display of the forty-three new designs in its collection. Each item comes with its own unique sound effect, created by a mix of local and international artists. Users can simply drop and drag items they like into the music mixer to create their own remixes, which can be shared on social sites along with the matched garments.

H&M meets Coachella

They also partnered up with Coachella music festival in the first co-branded range, as an official clothing sponsor. "H&M Loves Coachella" festival collection can be purchased over the two weekend event for a cool and comfortable look whilst listening to your favourite bands. This is their sixth-year sponsoring the music festival in the California with their presence at the musical event becoming stronger and stronger over the years.

H&M uses festivals in order to enlist their consumer and raise awareness for their brand. This strategy is confirmed by the Nielsen music report released a week ago. Research shows that "76% of Festival attendees report feeling more favourable towards brands that sponsor a tour or concert and 51% of all consumers feel this way."

Ethics & Music

The retailer had hooked up with M.I.A. to raise awareness for World Recycle Week. As part of their efforts, M.I.A. launched a music video focusing on the environmental impact of clothes in landfills, which is available on H&M’s website.

They also launched the Fashion Against AIDS campaign via radio in 2008 in the UK. The radio campaign let listeners to win one of 500 tickets to an Estelle performance at a not-yet-announced H&M location, and the promotion had digital and mobile app components as well. The competition attracted 17,000 entries and sold more than 50,000 designer T-shirts, each one donating 25% of proceeds to HIV/AIDS charities. It was a perfect marriage of music, millennials and social action.

in-store launches & product promotions

Retailers can work with artists in a number of ways, one very popular strategy is hosting events in store. A great example is hosting album listening events and also giving artists a chance to perform through in-store sessions.

Timberland, Chip & JD Sports

Timberland collaborated with Chip to create a bespoke song aimed at launching their new shoe. To announce the launch they then held an in-store meet & great at JD Sports with the artist.

Maya-Jane-COles-900x364 (1).jpg

Dr Martens & Maya Jane Coles

To announce a limited pair of shoes between Dr Martens & Maya Jane Coles, the brand hosted an exclusive DJ set in store with Maya.

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music and data drive a high ROI campaign

UK clothing Retailer Very used music and data analytics in the highly successful #Summertime campaign. Very was able to latch onto its customers’ passion for hip-hop, and was able to grow brand affinity with its consumers, resulting in an ROI of six to one, for an investment of less than $500,000.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (a.k.a. Will Smith) had one of the 90’s catchiest songs, ‘Summertime’, which was re-worked by London duo Rizzle Kicks for the Very’s first shoppable YouTube ad.

Using previously available customer data, this retail brand was able to determine which music genre and artist would most likely influence its target market. The genre and the overall vibe of the ad is what initially connects music fans emotionally with this ad. Everything seen in the video is available for purchase, with the top banner of the video displaying ‘shop this video’.

The first 10,000 fans who visited the Very site were also offered the exclusive ‘Summertime’ track. This exclusive content was appealing to music fans and was a great way to achieve high digital engagement.

streaming & music

American Eagle adds a music streaming service to its online shopping app

American Eagle has enhanced its image with playlists heard throughout its stores. In July 2015, the brand added a music streaming service to its mobile shopping app.

The goal was to boost in-app engagement and brand stickiness. American Eagle has reported that consumers who pushed play, spent more than triple the amount of time on the app as those who didn’t, while the number of users who returned within 30 days doubled. That all adds up to an overall increase in sales.

American Eagle’s app enables users to stream music while shopping and also continues to play their favourite sounds in the background of their devices. The brand is differentiating itself from other streaming services via its curated playlists specifically tailored for its core customer. The company created a competitive tool, which is driving sales with the use of music.

Generally, these mobile shopping apps are regarded by many consumers as a promotional tool and the perception is that they push hard sell and are too commerce-focused. By adding music to the mix, American Eagle has been able to engage its consumer emotively and is using music as a key building block in the overall e-commerce experience for the consumer, effectively unifying the in-store and online shopping experiences.

British ecommerce site Farfetch recently announced a new partnership with Apple Music, making it the third fashion brand to get on board.

With the likes of Alexander Wang and Burberry also integrating with the streaming service, it appears to be a hot new trend among the fashion pack.

Through its own dedicated channel, Farfetch is able to curate playlists and offer behind-the-scenes insight into photo shoots.

As well as benefitting from the brand name, ecommerce companies like Farfetch are able to use Apple Music technology to enhance the customer experience.

By integrating the music into as well as its Farfetch Discover App, the aim is to build on, as well as point users towards, existing editorial content.

With its established blog section, Farfetch already delves into other areas of lifestyle such as tech, travel and sport.

Integrating music adds an immersive aspect, and in turn, offers added value for the consumer.