International Day of The Girl with WaterAid: Case Study

We recently partnered with WaterAid to raise awareness for International Day of the Girl.

Since 2012, 11 October has been marked as the International Day of the Girl. The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, whilst promoting empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.

WaterAid & International Day of the Girl

Access to clean water is a gendered issue. In a number of countries that WaterAid work in, men are the ones who will carry out work in local communities. It’s often left to the girls to fetch water - and they often walk miles each day, just to collect water that is dirty and unsafe. The hours they spend each day means they often miss out on the important parts of growing up.

Girls are the ones who are most disadvantaged if their school doesn't have a decent toilet and usually drop out of school when their periods start. Without a clean, safe place to have their period with dignity and privacy, they’ll instead be forced to stay at home, ultimately, the lack of clean water significantly limits the potential of young girls.

How we helped?

WaterAid tasked us to work with influential female leaders to create content around this day and help raise awareness about the challenges young girls around the world face on a daily basis. We worked with 8 leading influencers from music, fitness and entrepreneurship to help bring the message to a wide audience.