Skateboarding in the 2020 Olympics

We have identified over 100 skaters aged 13-18 who are going to be making a serious impact in skate culture as skateboarding is to be included in the 2020 Olympics


At KRPT, we have a database of over 30,000 skaters including professionals and amateurs. We’re able to segment and filter based on age, gender, location and even global rank. We can forecast who is going to be a future star and we have insights that breakdown average competition scores.

Most recently we've been able to overlay social insights to understand how their audience is growing and average engagement rates. 


Last year in August, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted unanimously to include skateboarding in the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. This was a decision that left the skate community very polarised but many argued that it was only a matter of time considering how “contests” have come to define the mainstream idea of skate culture. Other sports that will also be included in the 2020 Olympics include Surfing, BMX and 3 on 3 basketball as the International Olympic Committee is attempting to shrug off its stuffy image and connect with a younger audience

Top 3 Future Skaters to Watch

Brighton Zeuner

Over 40,000 fans on Facebook and the youngest ever female to win Gold at the X-Games.

Brighton is 13 years old and already winning global competitions.

She is ranked 65/30,000 in our database of skaters.

Lazer Crawford

Over 12,000 fans on Instagram and sponsored by Vans. 

Lazer Crawford is part of a new-generation of skaters who are already changing the face of skateboarding as we know it.

Kisa Nakamura

Kisa Nakamura made her X Games debut in Skateboard Park two weeks after her 16th birthday (Austin, 2016.) The Japanese skater turned pro in 2015 and finished 5th at the competitive Combi Pool Classic in Jan. 2016. 

She has over 5,000 fans on Instagram and is sponsored by a range of brands including GoPro.


Nyjah Huston, USA
Age 22
Points: 41,500
FB Fans: 2.2 Million

Luan Oliveira, BRA
Age 26
Points: 32,235
FB Fans: 832k

Pedro Barros, BRA
Age 22
Points: 21,180
FB Fans: 375k

Alex Sorgente, USA
Age 19
Points: 20,815
FB Fans: 60k

Kelvin Hoefler, BRA
Age 24
Points: 18,780 FB
Fans: 210k


  • Age

  • Gender

  • Country

  • Social Following (by platform)

  • Engagement (by platform) - comments & likes

  • Global skate rank

  • Total & Average points scored in competitions


  1. Skate culture will continue to grow and more people will get into skating. This will help certain brands that have spend decades developing their presence and message.

  2. A new opportunity to identify who the leading skaters will be in 2020 & create strategies to start supporting them now

Value of Skateboard Market

In 2009 there were 9.3 million skateboarders in the United States alone.

According to the latest study, the global skateboarding equipment market is expected to exceed USD 5 billion by 2020.

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