Bedroom Musicians: 001

The Bedroom DJ/Producer

Once upon a time, being a DJ or music producer meant that you belonged to a very niche and somewhat elite-ish group of people. Equipment was expensive and upgrading to the latest gear – a necessary purchase to make in a competitive market – was a big investment. Furthermore, lugging around hard-copied vinyl collections and heavy masses of equipment to perform a gig at a different venue every night was very inconvenient.

With the evolution of technology came a huge change in the dynamics in which DJ’s work. The affordability of powerful home computers, the accessibility of the Internet, and the invention of pocket-sized hard drives that can carry thousands of tracks, have made it easier for aspiring DJ’s to get hold of music equipment and software, to produce music straight from their bedrooms and to eventually make it to the big stage.

As music changes, so do the musicians –  Music these days can be found in any form, and this has allowed for a new type of musician to step forward.


• DJ Gear sales increased by 25% from 2007 to 2014

2013 was an interesting year for connoisseurs of electronic music. The resurgence of vinyl (buying and releasing in the form) continued, as the 90s New York and Detroit vibes made their strongest comeback yet. In house music, a more commercial push was made, with strong performances from Disclosure and Duke Dumont seeing house music become arguably the most popular genre of all.

What are the key characteristics that have come to define the rise of bedroom music?

The Desire to Create versus Search for Success

Most "bedroom" DJ's/producers don't necessarily have a desire to become global superstars but rather focus on the joy that is gained from creating and performing. 

The rise of DJ culture and EDM has however created a new wave of young fans that are determined to succeed with the likes of Martin Garrix and David Guetta inspiring the wave.

Experimenting versus Emulating

When segmenting different bedroom musicians it's very easy to identify their inspiration and individuality. This can be seen in a number of ways.

DJ's: typically DJ's that are inspired by other acts will emulate their style, copying the songs they play and their techniques as opposed to finding their own approach.

Producers: will also follow a similar approach when it comes to following inspiration, emulating the sound and feeling of their favourite acts.

More advanced & individual bedroom musicians will be more likely to experiment with new techniques and may draw from numerous influences.

James Blake, nominated for “Best new Artist” at the Grammy Awards in 2014, confesses to making all of his music out of his one-bedroom flat, while Skrillex – who won three Grammys in 2013, talks of “making records on laptops and blown speakers” with some pride, and this summarises the notion that people can produce music of exceptionally high quality, through taking a minimalistic, modern approach.

Key Brands

  1. Pioneer DJ

  2. Denon DJ

  3. Serato

  4. Traktor

  5. Native Instruments

  6. Ableton

  7. Technics

  8. M-Audio

  9. Numark

  10. Xone