We took over Netil Radio & Market with Rebel Yell

To mark the end over summer, we hosted an End of Summer Cookout at Netil Market with Rebel Yell & Howards Meat Co providing the food and cocktails.

Top DJ's came through all day including Auntie Flo, Eliphino, Mall Grab, Barely Legal and many more. We had over 250 guests in attendance over the day and a consistent queue of people interested in sampling our custom menu.

Howards Meat Co produced a special BBQ menu for the day which included Rebel Yell as a secret ingredient. We hosted a unique cocktail making competition dubbed the Rebel Roulette, with 8 leading bartenders engaging in the experience. They would spin the wheel and land on crazy ingredients like peanut butter, yoghurt or even beetroot juice. The winning cocktail was called "Ginger Winger" and had a large dose of ginger yoghurt and whiskey as the core ingredients.

rebelcocktail menu.jpg

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