Football Clubs & Music: Credible Influencer & Content Strategies


Football & Music are 2 very different aspects of culture, but recently we have seen the two collide like never before.

Pogba joining Man United was one of the big catalysts behind this new approach and it's arguably been driven by adidas. 

Here are 3 examples on how football clubs and their sponsors are using music to shift more product and drive awareness.

One thing that is very clear is that this is currently a battle between adidas & nike. Many will notice that the creative execution has many similarities with the "glitch" style of editing.

The way both brands are going to stand out is based on their music strategy. There is also a clear effort to use grime as the genre of choice which isn't surprising given the continued rise of the sound.

Player Announcement

Kit Launches

AJ Tracey is a notable Spurs fan and Nike capitalised on this by involving him in their strategy for the past few months. A custom song with synergy to football has helped this achieve 800k+ views in less than a month.

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  • Identify the right genre and artists that will have natural synergy with the club & players. Pogba and Stormzy had great chemistry and this was part of the reason that campaign worked so well.

  • Collaborate with artists that can create their own content, for example Spurs x Nike x AJ Tracey where AJ had a unique song that worked perfectly in context. 

  • Identifying artists that are launching an album is a perfect way to build a partnership as this can allow for mutual value instead of traditional cash exchange, the club can offer media value at a time when the artist will value it most. This does require some level of expertise however as only specific agencies can give you that insight about the timing of an artists album launch for example.

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