Skateboarding in the Olympics: Are you prepared?

Last year in August, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) voted unanimously to include skateboarding in the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. This was a decision that left the skate community very polarised but many argued that it was only a matter of time considering how “contests” have come to define the mainstream idea of skate culture. Other sports that will also be included in the 2020 Olympics include Surfing.


The vote, which took place during the 129th IOC Session in Rio de Janeiro, the site of this year’s Summer Games, was the culmination of a lengthy campaign to bring skateboarding to the Olympics.

At KRPT, we have a database of over 30,000 skaters including professionals and amateurs. We’re able to segment and filter based on age, gender, location and even global rank. An interesting evolution to this database was also being able to create different trend reports on who will be a future star.


What does skateboarding in the Olympics mean for brands?

  1. Skate culture will continue to grow and more people will get into skating. This will help certain brands that have spend decades developing their presence and message.
  2. A new opportunity to identify who the leading skaters will be in 2020 & create strategies to start supporting them now


Our database can identify trends and map out which 15 year old amateurs are most likely to be competing as well as understanding which pro’s will probably dominate. Learn more about our data products here.

We put together a few insights to give you an idea into who the next generation of leading skaters might be and an insight into what kind of data we work with:

Pre-Teens: based on global ranks, Brighton Zeuner is most likely to excel the quickest in the pre-teen bracket of skaters


Female Skaters: The most interesting aspect of our data is the fact that Brighton Zeuner appears once again as the 10th best female skater in the world. She is only 12 years old!


The leading skaters in the industry share some of their thoughts about the Olympics below. As you can tell, the majority are very unsure about where this will lead but the next generation of skaters are much more open to the idea.



I don’t have much of an opinion because I don’t really know how it’s going to be. It could be really, really bad or just another contest that’s here and gone like most. As long as the skaters don’t end up doing anything too crazy it won’t change much.



I’m not a big supporter of the idea. It’s probably best that I don’t comment on the Olympics.



I’m down with it. I think that it’s gonna be good for skateboarding in general. The uniforms for sure are gonna be suspect and I don’t know who’s gonna pass the drug test. Maybe if I start doing good in some contests I can go. I’ll be 30 by then and I don’t know if I can keep up with the young kids. What’s that kid who’s dad owns the KTR park? Jagger. Yeah, that kid’s gonna be set up perfect for the Olympics.



Skateboarding being in the Olympics was bound to happen. More and more people are starting to skate and it’s non-stop growing as a sport. Street League is damn near the Olympics of competitive skateboarding right now, so it’s not too big of a leap from where we’re already at. If the Olympics is in your lane I think it’s tight. I wouldn’t turn that shit down if I was asked to be a part of it. I think too much negative energy is being put on it, but it’s not going to affect skaters from doing what we’re already doing. Stay in your lane and let skateboarding grow. I’m with it.



Skateboarding should never be part of the Olympics. Fuck the Olympics.