GRM Daily on Brand Diversification: Meet Lauren Pavan, COO

Next week we will be hosting a panel at Tileyard Studios with the Young Guns Network, aimed at discussing how brands are diversifying their revenue streams and reaching new audiences. We have invited a top class group of speakers including Lauren Pavan (COO at GRM Daily), Andrew Akuffo (Head of Events and Brand Partnerships at Ministry of Sound) and Amiel Walia (Parnterships Manager at Arsenal FC). Get your tickets

What is your role at your GRM Daily? Chief Operating Officer

How is your GRM Daily and reaching new audiences? Identifying trends is important when looking at reaching new audiences. Tapping into more tangible things that take GRM ‘offline’ and accessible to the audience is a big part of how we reach new markets.

Biggest challenges you see when diversifying revenue streams? The challenge is really being able to hone something that we are 99% sure will work, no one wants to have wasted time, money or energy on something that doesn’t take off. The research, insight and strategy is pivotal to ensuring we minimise risk.

How important are partnerships for your business? Will they be an important aspect for the future? Partnerships are an important part of the business BUT they have to be right for both us and our audiences as well as creating value that we might not yet be able to create. They have and will remain a core part of how we do business in the future.

Are you exploring new markets & regions? What are the biggest opportunities in terms of regions to engage? As a very UK centric business we don’t necessarily explore global opportunities as a priority, however as UK music and culture continues to transition to the US we are seeing a rise in cross-pollination opportunities. 

Join us next week for a drink, some casual networking and a ton of practical insights.

From international partnerships to launching new assets & I.P.; learn how the leading brands diversify their revenue streams

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