Hennessy UK teams up with Abbey Road Studios

Moet Hennessy has lined up a partnership for its namesake VS Cognac iteration with Abbey Road music studios in the UK, the new project falls under their 'Masters of Potential' campaign.

The company said that the 'Masters of Potential' initiative will see two artists from different backgrounds come together to record live-to-vinyl in the studios. The first pairing is between Mancunian soul singer JP Cooper and musical poet Kojey Radical.

"From our first visit to the magical studios right through to recording the JP Cooper live-to-vinyl, the partnership with Abbey Road Studios and Hennessy just felt so natural, obvious almost," said Moet Hennessy UK marketing & communications director Julie Nollet. "Two brands engrained in musical history and culture coming together in support of unleashing ... musical potential just felt very powerful and in-line with Hennessy. 

Music industry insiders involved in the project include music journalist Hattie Collins, Island Records’ Alex Boateng, music influencer Ralph Hardy and Abbey Road Studios’ Christian Wright.

Jeremy Huffelmann, Abbey Road Studios head of partnerships and events, said: “Our new studios are a platform for the next generation of creativity and innovation at Abbey Road, and our partnership with Hennessy is designed to launch a new era of unforgettable moments and unique collaborations at the studios.

"Masters of Potential was the result of this approach and it is an honour to see this long-standing collaboration come to life and celebrate the launch of the two new studios at Abbey Road."

Earlier this week, Moet Hennessy posted flat sales in the third quarter of 2017, with the stronger numbers from the first two quarters keeping the unit's top-line in the black.

Last year they collaborated with Nas to help introduce the story about the incredible passion of the Piccard family, and their shared thirst for world exploration.


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